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Meet our new company member: Raffe!

After months of searching, we finally found a suitable van for Pop-Up Movement! This cute Ford Transit came to us from a man who owns an indoor and mobile petting zoo in Tacoma. Apparently, when I called about it it was in the process of transporting a baby giraffe and the previous owner referred to it as the “Critter Getter”. While we have no intention of ever carting animals around in it, it will be a great resource for us to transport our equipment to gigs and teaching events.

After we made the deal, I went to the petting zoo to pick up the second set of keys. When I arrived I was immediately set up with the company’s booking manager. They were interested in having us perform in the zoo! 

Zoos are controversial for both of us and we feel a bit hesitant. Neither of us supports animals being kept in captivity for no reason or used in circuses. That being said,  it sure makes for a fun story and we look forward to hearing from them and seeing what the offer is.

We’re super pleased with our new van, granted it needs a serious detailing before we put our equipment in there. We got it just in time for some upcoming teaching and performing gigs. We look forward to getting our logo on it and rolling it into our next event!