Mercedes (Sadie) LeDonna, Owner

Sadie LeDonna has performed as an aerialist, clown and acrobat around the Pacific Northwest since age 15, debuting on the aerial hoop in a New Old Time Chautauqua show. She has created independent shows, toured with the New Old Time Chautauqua and worked as a part of smaller companies.

She has received training in aerial arts, acrobatics, dance, and clowning in San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Brattleboro VT, and Quebec City.  She also studied social circus with Cirque De Soleils’ social circus training company, Cirque du Monde. She aims to bring a joy of movement and physical well-being to as many people as possible. She has taught at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle and UMO School of Physical Theater on Vashon Island, as well as small aerial studios, crossfit gyms and festivals around the Pacific Northwest.  


Shawn Kellogg, Owner 

Shawn has been studying movement and performing circus arts since 2010. He trained intensively at the San Francisco Circus Center and Ecole De Cirque de Québec. He also studied social circus with Cirque De Soleil’s social circus training company Cirque du Monde. He specializes in hand balancing, ground acrobatics, and juggling. Shawn has created independent shows, toured with the New Old Time Chautauqua and worked in smaller companies.

Shawn is also a school certified structural integration practitioner and has studied kinesiology at The Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork as well as with Anatomy Trains Structural Integration. He has also studied osteopathically derived manual therapy techniques, functional movement training and developmental movement patterns. He loves reading contemporary research on the neuroscience of pain and how to optimize physical performance. 

Shawn has worked with youth, teens and adults to better their movement, posture, and physical connection since 2012. He also works as a coach and performer at the UMO School of Physical Arts on Vashon Island.

Ruth Choudhury 

Ruth Choudhury began her love affair with Aerial dance after taking a class in Los Angeles in 2013. Finding an immediate love and connection to the fabric, she knew it was something she wanted to explore further and with a background in dance from early childhood, it was a natural progression into the world of aerial. 

Ruth has received extensive mentorship training and certification in Aerial Dance under the guidance of Kimberely Simonetti founder of Up Flying Yoga Los Angeles, and in 2015 Ruth began teaching Aerial Dance at Up Flying Yoga.

Ruth has performed as both aerialist and aerial bartender at numerous Los Angeles events with the aerial troupe The Lovely Hearts. She has also appeared as herself on multiple reality shows and local Los Angeles T.V news shows demonstrating and teaching aerial.  It brings Ruth no greater joy than to share the love she has for aerial and help bring that exhilaration to others.  

Roarke Jennings

Roarke has been studying martial arts since 2009, mainly focusing on Karate and Wushu.  Roarke is innately drawn to the practice of martial arts as a way to cultivate one’s “warrior spirit” and to walk a path of continuous self-improvement.  He believes the principles of these ancient arts help us overcome the adversities of modern times and to find balance within them.  Meanwhile the forms and techniques teach us how to move our bodies and tools in intelligent and fluid ways, while using both internal and external energies.  Studying the martial arts also causes one to grapple with the complex concepts of violence, non-violence, and the preservation of justice.  And lastly, as one develops a power to cause damage, it demands that the practitioner grow a reverence and respect for all life, and how fragile it can be.
His approach to classes are reflective of his Western roots while maintaining important traditional aspects.  There is upbeat music to help people move and humor that keeps things light.  However, components such as bowing and quiet meditation are maintained so as to not lose sight of the true meaning of the practice.
In his free time Roarke likes agroforestry, soccer, yoga, organizing for social & environmental justice, and getting into the backcountry with his family.

Yara Currey 

Yara is the mother of two energetic kiddos and she runs our tots and littles circus classes on Mondays and Fridays. She is a multitalented and motivated teacher who loves music, dance and play.
Previously, Yara taught tots classes at Om Culture in Seattle and has experience teaching youth in a variety of other settings as well. Her classes are a mix of song and music circle time, games and open circus skills playtime. 

Alex Eisenberg

For the past decade hooping has been a portal of transformation for Alex. Learning to waist hoop at age 22 was Alex’s gateway into reconnecting with her body after many years of being ruled by shame and fear around movement. Her hoops have been some of her most reliable and unexpected allies on her healing journey and in her pursuit of joyful connection and soulful embodiment.

Alex learned how to hoop, for the most part, via online tutorials and the virtual hoop community, but she has also been lucky enough to learn directly from some of her hooping heroes and from the Kaleidoscope Collective in Seattle. These days she loves busking with her hoops on the streets of Port Townsend and performing with her fire hoop as part of the local Mosaic Fire Collective.

Over the years, Alex has taught a number of hoop workshops and has had several one-on-one students, but is still fairly new to teaching. Her background in facilitating rites-of-passage, ritual, and grief work informs her whole-person approach. She begins each class with a brief personal check-in and hopes to support students in channelling their emotional experiences into embodied practice. She’s excited to join the Pop-Up team and to translate the best of what she knows to new hoopers young and old!

Jenni Hill

Bio Soon! 


Sadie and Shawn recently visited our local elementary school to lead our students through a Circus Arts Workshop. The day was filled with movement, play, and laughter – leaving each and every one of our students feeling excited about their time in class and eager to learn more. The way in which Sadie and Shawn engaged ALL of our students was really a testament to their ability to make circus arts accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities. Our school would be lucky to have them back and we would highly recommend their workshop for students and adults alike!

-Alex Craighead, Chautuaqua Elementary School PE Teacher

Shawn and Sadie have been working with both of my children for years. Having worked with many coaches, I can hands down say that Sadie and Shawn are some of the best my we have worked with. Their commitment to the craft mingles with their playful and loving personalities to generate an environment that inspires both of my kids every week.

-Nekole Shapiro, Parent

Unexpectedly Shawn and Sadie go beyond the standard coaches! Yes, they have strong skills that they translate well to kids, I expect this, but Shawn is also a caring and deeply observant person.  Making sure my daughter has fun and also watching how her body subtly moves to prevent injury, accommodating just enough when she is tired or overwhelmed, working with her to move beyond her perceived limitations.

-Michelle Mickle, Parent