Birthday Parties

The Pop-Up Movement gym is a wonderful space to get people moving and having fun. Here are the details.

Length: 1.5 hours

Cost: Up to 10 children $125, 11-16 children $160. Additional .5 hour is $30

Optional led warm-up and mini class or games. – $30

Pop-Up Monitor/s (Rachel, Shawn, Sadie or another Pop-Up coach) are present for safety. 

Food and drink provided by you to be consumed in the office and entryway only. We will clear out the space and provide a table and some chairs. No food and drink on carpet foam.

Use of aerial equipment, trampoline, mats, pole, and other equipment with observation and following of gym ground rules. A briefing will be given to families as they arrive.

Pop-Up staff preps and cleans the space.

Pop-Up is available for parties on Saturdays between 2 and 6. Bookings are currently done via email. If you are interested just shoot us your preferred dates and time and we can go from there.