Movement Rehabilitation

After a few months of working with Shawn, I'm proud to say I can now touch my toes and have no shoulder pain. I've learned to be a lot more aware of my body. I’ve learned to stand, walk, and breathe with ease and power. I feel at home in my body now, with less pain and more freedom.
-Nathan C.
I came to Shawn through a reference of a friend who praised Shawn for his transformative bodywork. At the time, I had been experiencing fairly severe aches and weakness in my shoulders, and also in my wrists. As a professional baker, my body is under constant pressure to be in top performance, but I am not willing to let that job determine the stamina and strength of my body for life. Taking action on this realization, I decided to invest in myself, and in the work of Shawn as a young professional. We agreed to his 12 session program and began structuring what results I hoped to achieve throughout. Each time we met, I was able to slow down my mind and body as he helped activate nearly every physical aspect of me. At the end of each session, we discussed exercises and stretches to practice. We would review previous lessons and talk about how they were being implemented in my daily life, especially in the bakery. As the sessions went on, I saw myself utilizing Shawn's teachings in the bakery, but also at home. I was able to finish out my baking season without any aches or weakness in my body. I absolutely attribute this to taking action with Shawn and deciding to invest the time and money in this self-care. Many thanks to Shawn for his time with me.
-Kellen L.
Shawn's gentle nature compliments his healing touch. I can tell he really cares about me and helping me understand the importance of my body functioning at its full potential. He has helped me realize that sometimes the smallest movements can be the most beneficial.
-Aliina L.
I am a dancer and graphic designer and there are various body problems that come along with both of these. When Shawn helped me to heal my foot pain by working on me a few times, I was convinced that this work could help me. I then completed the SI Series with him and was able to work on my shoulder & neck pain from long hours of work on the computer as well as developing new healthy habits to keep my pain from coming back. I've loved working with Shawn. He's very professional, present, gentle and calming in his sessions. He listens to your needs and ailments and takes them very seriously and seems to care greatly for the well-being of his clients. I'd recommend this work to anyone, even if you don't have particular pains at the moment! I've learned that bodywork and proper care is an important piece of maintenance that everybody deserves and giving that gift to yourself is the best thing you can do for your body's well-being.
-Sarah P.
Shawn worked with me for about 8 months in 2013. He started with the 10 series and then continued beyond that once we had completed the 10. With Shawn’s help, I’ve improved my posture and increased my range of motion. My job as a baker has crazy hours and involves a fair amount of repetitive and difficult-to-do-ergonomically motions including moving heavy and hot trays of pastries. Shawn was able to help me figure out how to do a lot of these motions more ergonomically as well as undo some of the damage already done. The difference from when we started is significant. At the beginning, I had difficulty maintaining a relaxed and upright posture and I was usually in some sort of pain. When I was asked to move specific muscle groups I often was slow to isolate them. Now I am in more relaxed and upright have a much easier time moving specific muscle groups when asked. The hands-on bodywork was very helpful with all this, but Shawn also gave me tools to take care of myself. I now have a daily routine of stretches as well as tools for thinking about how I’m holding myself and how to do the tasks in my work and daily life. This has been very useful and, I think, a critical part of the improvements I’ve made and their maintenance.
-Sam C.
Doing the SI series with Shawn changed how I view and use my body. I learned effective movement, pain management and even how to breathe better. Having that awareness I feel incredibly comfortable in my body doing daily tasks as well as strenuous tasks. He was methodical and effective at alignment as well as teaching me about my body, and now I can avoid putting my body in pain when doing heavy work. During the Series, I felt inspired to integrate into my body as much as possible, and paired Shawn's work with a yoga routine that furthered my body education. I now maintain a body consciousness that enables me to move with an ease and effectiveness that wasn't there before.
-Joseph C.
Shawn fixed my back. I went to Shawn with a chronic condition that sent shocks of pain up my spine and neck if I moved in certain ways. I had experienced this for years and assumed it was the way everyone's body worked. After working with Shawn, I no longer experience that sensation and have a much greater range of motion.
-Trevor S.
I turned to Shawn four years ago to help my athlete daughter gain more ease in her body after I saw the toll her sport was creating on it. Shawn easily developed a rapport with her and was able to teach her a set of important stretches & movements in a way that really registered with her. His expertise and hands-on work helped shift her structure in sucha way that she was able to perform her sport with more confidence and less pain. Dream come true!
-Anne M.

Pop-Up Movement

Shawn and Sadie have been working with both of my children for years. Having worked with many coaches, I can hands-down say that Sadie and Shawn are some of the best they have worked with. Their commitment to the craft mingles with their playful and loving personalities to generate an environment that inspires both of my kids every week.
-Nekole S.
Sadie and Shawn recently visited our local elementary school to lead our students through a Circus Arts Workshop. The day was filled with movement, play, and laughter - leaving each and every one of our students feeling excited about their time in class and eager to learn more. The way in which Sadie and Shawn engaged ALL of our students was really a testament to their ability to make circus arts accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities. Our school would be lucky to have them back and we would highly recommend their workshop for students and adults alike!
-Alex C.
Sadie & Shawn, Thank you so much for joining us during the Arts Blitz at Chautauqua Elementary School. Your activities were perfect and so well received by all of our students. What a treat to have such talented instructors conduct their classes. We hope that we can have you join us again next year.
-Amy B.
Unexpectedly Shawn and Sadie go beyond the standard coaches! Yes, they have strong skills that they translate well to kids, I expect this, but Shawn is also a caring and deeply observant person. Making sure my daughter has fun and also watching the subtleties of how her body moves to prevent injury, accommodating just enough when she is tired or overwhelmed, working with her to move beyond her perceived limitations.
-Michelle M.