Group Classes! 


Class registration is done through our portal on

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All of our classes will operate with continuous enrollment. If enrolled, you commit for one month of classes at a time and your spot is secure unless you drop the class. 

If you are not sure about a class you are welcome to drop-in if there is space. Please call us or send an email to request to drop in.

Monthly Tuition Rates

Drop in Rates

Additional family members get 10% off on class fees!

Continuous Enrollment

All of our classes other than Open Gyms will operate with continuous enrollment. 

Continuous enrollment means:

  • All classes are ongoing with no set end dates.
  • Once registered, your class slot is guaranteed until you or your child chooses to move to a different class or you choose to drop the class.
  • You can easily transfer to other classes at anytime.
  • No large lump sum payments at the beginning of each session.
  • No annual registration fees.
  • No surprises. Your monthly tuition will stay the same each month unless you add or drop classes.
  • If we need to adjust the class schedule, it will happen on the 1st of the month so it doesn’t effect what you have already paid for.

How payment works:

  • At the time of enrollment, we will ask for a bank account or card number and get consent for automatic monthly payments.
  • Your automatic payment will be processed on the 1st of the month for the month’s tuition.  (Example: December classes will be billed December 1st.)
  • If you sign up mid-month you will be pro-rated based on how many weeks are left in the month.
  • You can schedule to drop the class in the future and we will prorate you accordingly.

Call Shawn at 925-286-8345 if you have any questions.