1-on-1 and Group Sessions 
Fitness Coaching
Fitness for health; 
health for happiness. 

Our aim is to help you find sustainable ways to motivate your mind and body to exercise with intention.

We will create an individualized plan to help you meet your health and/or fitness goals in a safe and
effective way. 

Sessions At pop-up will help you:
  • Improve overall health
  • Gain mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Find ease with everyday movements
  • Enjoy being in your body and find self-confidence
  • Increase positive feelings in your everyday life
  • Redistribute body fat and help to find and maintain your optimum weight and muscle/fat distribution
  • Find sustainable movement and exercise habits that have meaning for you and fit into your life

1 person $65/hr
2 people $80/hr 

Work With Ruth

With a strong focus on your individual based goals and modifications where needed, Ruth’s coaching will bring your full body and core much needed and increased muscle strength, balance, and endurance.  Upper body, lower body and full body sculpt coaching sessions are available (core is trained in every session). For those who like a little cardio, the same sessions are available, but with a little less resistance training and added high/low impact cardio to give you that extra  bump in your heart rate. 

Ruth’s exploration into the world of strength training began when she was teen training as a dancer. She understood then, the importance of weight/resistance training in keeping the body strong and balanced, along with the increased endurance it can provide. Although she moved on from dancer to mom to fitness coach to aerialist, she has stayed consistent in her own strength training journey over the decades and began coaching others in 2018 at NoVo Body in Los Angeles, CA. Then when the pandemic shut things down, she began coaching online zoom weightlifting for Iron Maiden fitness Los Angeles, CA and coaches 5 online classes a week.