Pop-Up Movement Has a Home!

UPDATE: We bought the building! Pop-Up and Kelle’s Gym 2.0 now have a secure and permanent space from now until the foreseeable future!

This exciting transition was covered in the Port Townsend Leader. 
Check out the article here

11526 UNIT B Rhody Drive, Port Hadlock, WA 98339

We’re so so so so excited to have landed in this awesome space on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s been a crazy few months for sure and we’ve been working hard on adapting Pop-Up Movement so that we can continue to serve our mission by instigating movement and play.

Up until September 2020, Pop-Up Movement has operated as a “pop-up” business that partnered with a variety of organizations as contracted work. We showed up in our van with all our equipment, did our thing, and left.

Because of COVID-19, like many businesses, we are having to make changes and dramatically adjust how we make offerings. We are tracking the protocols implemented by other facilities similar to ours and comparing them with guidelines given by our state’s governor. We will continue to pursue our mission with public safety as the highest priority. 

We now intend to fulfill our businesses’ mission in a multitude of ways. We will offer COVID-safe private and sibling lessons in aerial arts, trampoline, acrobatics, clowning, and object manipulation skills. We will offer COVID-safe and distanced 1-on-1 movement rehab and personal training sessions with clients. We will video online content to offer for free or as part of online class packages. We will share our space with other members of the community who have similar values, for instance, ZUMBA instructors, other performing artists, dance teachers, and parkour coaches. We will be open-minded to new ideas and possibilities that are in alignment with our mission. 

This has been a challenging transition that has led to so much great growth. We’re looking forward to seeing what this space has to offer and where this chapter leads Pop-Up Movement.