The Pop-Up Movement Youth Troupe is for youth 8-18 years of age who are looking to pursue circus arts more seriously.
Students work on a broad range of circus disciplines including partner acrobatics, floor and trampoline skills, hoop diving, handstands, aerial arts, juggling, dance, and physical theater. Students also have the choice of attending specialty classes and open gyms.

In addition to developing skills, the Youth Troupe regularly performs at in-house student shows and local events.

Our program is a fun and meaningful way for youth to invest in their personal growth and build community. It is also designed to prepare youth to audition at any of the major circus schools if they are interested in pursuing a career in circus arts.

Commitment & Schedule:

The current mandatory Youth Troupe time commitments are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-6:00 pm and an optional but recommended timeslot on  Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30. Troupe members are also encouraged to take one or two weekly classes in their preferred specialty. All troupers must maintain a schedule of at least five hours per week. There is additional time required around performances which are scheduled well in advance. 

Troupe members are required to maintain excellent attendance, especially around performances and rehearsals leading up to them. 


Youth Troupe tuition is based on our normal tuition schedule. The minimum cost for troupe members is $240 per month since troupe members are required to train with us for 5 hours a week. The most a troupe member’s tuition could cost is $360 for 10+ hours of training. Troupe members also get a private training membership included with their tuition so they can independently train outside of class at approved times.

In addition to the monthly fees, there may be some costume expenses around performances. We don’t charge extra for additional rehearsals but, troupe families still need to buy tickets to our shows and will be asked to provide an appropriate base layer for costumes. 

We have some scholarship funds available for youth troupe families so if cost is a barrier please reach out. 

How To Join & The Trial Month

Participants are accepted into the program upon request or invitation. Send us an email if you think your child is a good fit!

New Troupe members have a trial period of 1 month. The trial month is an opportunity for the Troupe members, their families, and Pop-Up staff to ensure that it is a good fit. 

New Troupe members are expected to make a commitment to the end of the current school year upon acceptance to the Troupe.


Troupe members must be able to meet the majority of these prerequisites.

  • 3 Climbs in a row
  • A controlled straddle-up in the air
  • A kick-up to handstand against the wall
  • A 1-minute handstand hold against the wall
  • A cartwheel on both sides
  • T-Position
  • A bridge hold with straight arms
  • A front and back drop on the trampoline
  • Proficiency with a salto on the trampoline
  • A 4 ft Trust fall onto the cake mat
  • A focused work ethic
  • Has demonstrated a consistent attendance record
  • Has demonstrated good communication and teamwork with peers and coaches
  • Has demonstrated smart decision-making in regard to safety in the gym 
  • The family thinks the program is a good fit and will not interfere with school and home life activities.  
Performances & Community Events

Performing is an integral part of our youth troupe and one of the most impactful ways that we give back to our community.  We will ask for various amounts of support from the families around these times.