The Pop-Up Movement Youth Troupe is for youth 8-18yrs of age who are looking to pursue circus arts more seriously.
The program consists of 8+ focused hours of training in the gym. Students will work on a broad range of circus disciplines including partner acrobatics, floor and trampoline skills, hoop diving, handstands, aerial arts, juggling, dance, and physical theater. Students also have the choice of attending specialty classes and open gyms.

In addition to training time, Pop-Up provides performance opportunities through in-house student shows and local events.

Current Youth Troupe time commitments are Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-6pm and Wednesdays 3:30-6:30. 

Participants are accepted into the program upon request or invitation if they meet these prerequisites: 

  • 3 Climbs in a row
  • Controlled straddle-up in the air
  • Cartwheel on both sides
  • Kick-up to handstand against the wall
  • 1-minute handstand hold against the wall
  • Bridge hold with straight arms
  • 4 ft Trust fall onto the cake mat
  • Front and back drop on the trampoline
  • Focused work ethic
  • Has demonstrated a consistent attendance record
  • Has demonstrated good communication and teamwork with peers and coaches
  • Has demonstrated smart decision making in regards to safety in the gym 
  • The family thinks the program is a good fit and will not interfere with school and home life activities.