Covid 19 Protocols

As of March 14th 2022, following local changes in indoor masking requirements for schools and gyms, Pop-Up Movement will be mask optional. 

You are, of course still welcome to wear a mask and we are happy to help uphold any family agreements you have with your child. 

We will continue to be cautious and observant in how these new guidelines are affecting the health of our community and are open to the possibility of masks coming back. 

We will also continue to have a clean and sanitary gym, open doors as weather permits and encourage hand washing whenever possible. 

Please continue to remain at home if you are feeling sick, think you may have been exposed to Covid or have been exposed. In the case of exposure, please continue to follow isolation guidelines and stay out of the gym for the recommended time. 

We understand this is a sensitive topic for many and are available for conversations via email or phone about our updated protocols. 

Please be respectful of others choices in regards to masking and vaccination preferences. We acknowledge that open conversations are an important part of growth as a community and we request that these conversations stay out of the gym. Pop-Up Movement aims to be a safe and comfortable place for folks to move their bodies and have fun. 

See you at the gym!