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Past Offerings:

3-Class Handstand Series

At Crossfit Vashon Oct 29th, Nov 5th and Nov 12th 11am – 12pm

Learn the building blocks to master your handstand. In this workshop, we will cover the fundamental techniques to find balance on your hands. We will introduce drills that can be done anywhere to gain the necessary mobility and strength. We will also cover different biomechanical concepts to create ease and efficiency with this movement. Beginners to seasoned inverters welcome, we will work at your level. Wear loose or stretchy clothing, bring water and be prepared to
hang-out upside-down and on your hands!

  • 3, 1hr lessons
  • Oct 29th, Nov 5th & Nov 12th
  • 11am – 12pm 
  • Teachers: Sadie LeDonna & Shawn Kellogg
  • Cost: $50 for all three days. $20 drop-in
  • Pre Requisites: 1 Pushup, a 30-second plank and the ability to lift straight arms above your head. Please let us know about any current injuries when you sign up so that we can prepare progressions.

Movement Rehabilitation

At Crossfit Vashon


Everyone can improve their quality of movement. In this workshop, you will learn tools to manage and rehabilitate injuries, develop joint stability and move with confidence.  We will introduce some of the latest research in pain science and discuss its implications. We will also review the ideal positions while performing functional movements such as walking and squatting. Students will walk away with a vocabulary of movement tools to stay on top of the physical demands of modern life.

  • A 60-minute Workshop
  • Tuesday, October 15th, 11 am – 12 pm
  • Teacher: Shawn Kellogg
  • Cost: $20
  • Pre Requisites: None