Rent Our Space!

Our space is available to rent hourly.


Our facility is a great option if you are looking for a warm place to get out of the house, run around and get in some movement with your family or a place to teach that zoom or private lesson or class that you can’t quite make work in your house.

The space is vacuumed and deep cleaned regularly. 
Use of the trampoline and aerial equipment is strictly off-limits
unless other arrangements have been made. 

Hourly rates:

  • $20 per hour (for business use, renter must provide proof of insurance if necessary for their business activities)

When you rent you have access to:

  • 800 square feet of carpet bonded foam
  • Large sprung marley dance floor
  • Piano
  • Weight room w/pullup bar and rubber flooring
  • Juggling equipment
  • Our assortment of mats.