Sadie + Shawn = Shadie Iliacus

(The iliacus is a flat, triangular muscle which fills the iliac fossa. It forms the lateral portion of iliopsoas, providing flexion of the thigh and lower limb at the acetabulofemoral joint.)

Sadie LeDonna and Shawn Kellogg have been teaching and performing together for over 5 years. They have organized festivals, summer camps, and workshops together and have created and performed in several independent full-length shows as well as with their own acts for a variety of events. 

Sadie and Shawn founded Pop-Up Movement in 2019 and have been sharing their skills ever since. They also teach and perform at UMO School of Physical Theater on Vashon Island and at The School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle.

They have received training in aerial arts, acrobatics, handstands, hoop diving, trampoline, dance, and clowning in San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Brattleboro VT, and Quebec City. 

They work with all ages and varieties of humans and are excited to collaborate with you whether that means creating an act or show for your event, roving at your event or developing a personalized workshop or camp for your organization or school.

Book Their Duo Acro/Dance Act for your event! 

Partner Acro – Waiting

Props: Panel mat or Flexi-Roll

Length: 4:30

Audio: Waiting by the Typsy Gypsys

Technical Requirements: 6’x 12’ Floor space, 12’ ceilings

Stage Name: Shadie Illiacus


A playful story between two friends. Shadie Illiacus brings a sweet friendship to life with acrobatics and dance in this short piece.

Or book them in advance to create a custom piece for any themed event!