We’re Now Offering Full Training Programs As Well As Individual Lessons Online 

Keep Training At Home, Learn a new Skill, care For Your Body, Or Give Someone a Pop-Up Movement Gift

• Movement Rehabilitation • Personal Training • Juggling • Handstands • Mobility • Aerial (with access to proper equipment) 

The process:

Step 1 – You fill out this registration form to sign up and indicate what you would like to work on.

Step 2 – We send you a liability form to sign and an intake form relative to your goals. We also send you a link to make a login on our website so that you can easily access your documents and lessons and communicate with us from one place. 

Step 3 – We schedule a 45min intro lesson via Zoom, Skype, or What’s App. This lesson will focus on an assessment of your movement history, skill level, and goals. We set up a recurring weekly or bimonthly 30min appointment. This will be a time for us to demonstrate any new exercises and examine problems or concerns in person. 

Step 4 – We organize a training list complete with written and video instruction for you to work on throughout the week. This information will be posted privately in your account on our website.

Step 5 -You fill out a weekly or bimonthly feedback form before each lesson. This helps us see how our recommended training list worked for you and serves as a record of progress. 

Weekly Lesson


Bi-Monthly Lesson


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You can switch to weekly or bi-monthly at any time 

Single lessons are $50/30min $100/1hr and include a training list with photos, videos and written descriptions of included exercises. 

If you are interested in scheduling a single lesson, please contact us directly.