1-on-1 movement rehabilitation sessions
Improve Your Physical Performance
Move With Confidence
Rehabilitate Injuries
Eliminate Pain
& Find Joy In Movement

Our work is informed by the latest research in pain science and sports performance. We will pull from a large toolkit including osteopathically-derived techniques, structural integration, and functional neurology to help you regain stability and mobility for all functional movements.

Whatever it is you do in life, we will introduce you to movement tools that you can do anywhere to keep yourself ready to move with excellence.

These sessions will alleviate acute and chronic pain by creating balance in your body’s structure and your brain’s connection to movement. 

Our work is suitable for all levels of movers from those of you who work office jobs to high-level athletes. After working with us, you will be free of uncomfortable tension, move with better posture and discover joy in movement.

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Every session includes digital tutorials of the exercises we work on! Each tutorial includes detailed instructions, photos, and videos! Check out the sample tutorial below.


$60, $75 or $90 sliding scale

All appointments are 55-60 minutes long


I turned to Shawn four years ago to help my athlete daughter gain more ease in her body after I saw the toll her sport was creating on it. Shawn easily developed a rapport with her and was able to teach her a set of important stretches & movements in a way that really registered with her. His expertise and hands-on work helped shift her structure in sucha way that she was able to perform her sport with more confidence and less pain. Dream come true!
Anne M.
Shawn fixed my back. I went to Shawn with a chronic condition that sent shocks of pain up my spine and neck if I moved in certain ways. I had experienced this for years and assumed it was the way everyone's body worked. After working with Shawn, I no longer experience that sensation and have a much greater range of motion.
-Trevor S.