Fun Facts About Pop-Up Movement

Thanks to our Pop-Up community for making our first couple years in business so fun and successful!

  • This month, for the first time, we have over 200 students enrolled in classes!

  • We have 304 spots filled in classes every week! That’s a lot of muddy shoes ;).

  • 40 classes are on the schedule, not including open gyms, youth troupe and outreach programs.

  • We’ve put on 3 in-house shows.

  • On Feb 15th, we will begin our third year of classes.

  • Pop-Up works with The Pearl Program, Quilcene Schools, Jumping Mouse Children Center, The OPHC Program, Foster Supports of Jefferson County and Newport Healthcare to provide programing and tuition to our students.

  • We’re on our 5th vacuum cleaner!

  • Coach Shawn’s favorite food is noodle soup.

  • Coach Ruth was the youngest person, at the time, ever to win the All Ireland Disco Dancing Championship in the early 80’s. Amazing! *(scroll for photo)

  • Thanks to our social media magician, Nakaia for making over 200 instagram posts!

  • Why is there a plant in the weight room? Coach Sadie found it on FB marketplace and couldn’t resist. Every home needs a plant!

Coach Ruth in the early 80's